Most frequent questions & answers

Yes, Mr. Movee can assist with both packing materials, and the actual packing of your belongings. Contact
us for more information.

With transport, there are a lot of variables that can effect pick up and delivery times.
Most times, we can estimate am or pm, but most times, the driver will call you when they are sure on the timing of your move. Mr. Movee strives for the best communication possible, but unforseen occurrences can effect many parts of moving.

Mr Movee accepts Credit Card, Cash, Cheque or you can direct debit with prior arrangement.

Yes, Upon confirming your booking, Mr Movee offers you 24 hours cooling off. After that period, the booking is taken as final and absolutely confirmed.

Heavy Machinery, Caravans, Boats, Containers, Trucks.

Our terms and conditions are viewable on our terms and conditions page.

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